About Me

About Edward Ragosta

As a child, I would receive information through Energy.

Having visitations from Spirit.

Being ultra sensitive and receiving information.

I eventually started to develop my abilities.

Adjusting to being "different" and "sensitive"

I ultimately accepted my abilities as a Gift instead of a curse.

Thus working with them instead of hiding them, and trying to be "normal" according to society.

I do feel we all have Psychic abilities.

The degree will depend on how much time/energy we have placed on them in previous lives.

And what our mind/ego will currently accept, this lifetime.

Just like building a muscle for our physical body, we can build our Psychic Energy body as well.

I eventually met someone who would be the first person Spirit sent to guide me on my path.

When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.

He was an Astrologer.

The year was 1985, in the Season of Autumn.

I had an interest in The Tarot as well as many other "strange" things such as the Occult (supernatural) during my childhood.

So after I had my Astrology Natal Chart read, I started to study Astrology, Numerology and The Tarot.

Took an actual class on The Tarot, and off I went to further my knowledge.

Started to do Readings for free so I could get experience.

After 2 and 1/2 years of experience, I started my profession as a Psychic.

I feel we are all Students of Life, therefore we are constantly growing and evolving.

Eventually I combined the two, doing Psychic Readings with the The Tarot.

I still enjoy The Tarot for it's visual appeal to this day.

The Tarot is a tool I utilize with my Psychic abilities.

There are many others just as viable.

Astrology, and Numerology are only two possibilities.

Later on, I was introduced to 8 Angels I am blessed to work with.

They are part of my Spirit Guide Family.

They call themselves Joy and the Angels of Theory.

Joy is the spokesperson (or Angel) for the group.

I affectionately call them The Power Gang of Eight.

They graciously gave me a System I utilize combing Numerology with The Tarot.

This is the System I utilize for the Universal Soul Energy Forecast Videos.

And Personal Soul Energy Forecast Videos (Service).

Eventually I will have to Channel a Book about the System.

For it is truly fascinating and more importantly, accurate.

I then added Astrology into the mix.

Therefore in my Psychic Readings I combine:

The Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology.

To complete and round out the energetic picture.

The Tarot Cards are a complete system in itself, with so many levels to unfold.

Including Astrology.

I call myself a Psychic Medium because I am able to communicate with those who have passed over.

I also communicate with our Animal Companions.

Such sensitive beings the Animals are.

So when receiving a Reading with me, all of the above are available and included in each Session.

The subject matter of each Reading is up to you.

Online Spiritual Family Community

There are many Souls who have reincarnated on Planet Earth specially at this time (to be here for December 21st, 2012 and beyond).

To assist in raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet.

I call us Spiritual Family.

We feel we are on a Soul Mission.

I feel we all have a Soul Purpose.

This does not make us any better than anyone else.

We just want to make a significant difference while we are currently here.

Spirit suggested that Spiritual Family Community be the Concept of our website.

(Our = Spirit and I working together as an equal collaborative endeavor.)

Combing my Name with the term Community.

This stems from a principle that there will be many places Online and Physically around the globe that we will all gather to learn, grow, and assist one another as a unit, or Family.

It was originally relayed to me through Spirit as a Center for Psychic Research and Development.

This Website is to serve as the beginning of our Online version (through Edward).

We (Spirit and I) with your cooperation have much hope for the future of our planet.

Our intention is that this Website serve as one humble representation of this concept: a better Tomorrow.

Spiritual Family: Introduction

Spiritual Family: Introduction.

For those who feel that they are here for a Reason with a Purpose. Utilizing our Soul (Heart) Energy and getting down to business as to what our Soul intended for us to do this lifetime.

Originally Filmed 2015 for a limited audience. Opening to the Public due to Zodiac Year 2018 because it is time for Spiritual Family Members to Activate their Soul Purpose/Mission.

Until next time we connect, your Soul Messenger Host, Edward ~

Assisting us all to Live/Love/Manifest the life our Soul intended for us to live this lifetime.

Thanks for joining us and hope you allow your personal process of accessing your Soul Purpose/Mission this lifetime.

Welcome fellow Spiritual Family Members.
Edward Ragosta
Psychic Medium

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Galactic Consciousness by Alex Grey

Spiritual Family: Edward

What follows is a Video that was filmed back in April 2015.

I discuss my personal past and journey as a Soul incarnated in this lifetime and my personal Mission.

See you inside, Edward ~