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Spiritual Family: Introduction

Spiritual Family: Introduction.

For those who feel that they are here for a Reason with a Purpose. Utilizing our Soul (Heart) Energy and getting down to business as to what our Soul intended for us to do this lifetime.

Originally Filmed 2015 for a limited audience. Opening to the Public due to Zodiac Year 2018 because it is time for Spiritual Family Members to Activate their Soul Purpose/Mission.

Until next time we connect, your Soul Messenger Host, Edward ~

Assisting us all to Live/Love/Manifest the life our Soul intended for us to live this lifetime.

Thanks for joining us and hope you allow your personal process of accessing your Soul Purpose/Mission this lifetime.

Welcome fellow Spiritual Family Members.
Edward Ragosta
Psychic Medium

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Galactic Consciousness by Alex Grey

Zodiac Year 2018: Apr 15 18 - Apr 4 19 ~ Dare to Dream ~

00:00 Introduction
00:45 March 27th 2017 through April 14th 2018: Zodiac Year 2017 Review
05:10 Month Energy Review
08:20 Psychic Insight/Theme Review
10:40 In Conclusion Review
11:25 April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019: Zodiac Year 2018
15:55 Month Energy
20:35 Psychic Insight/Theme
22:20 In Conclusion
24:30 Theme/Healing Song: From Now On
27:55 Overall Message: The Chariot
29:50 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: From Now On from The Greatest Showman