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we accomplish our Dream,

Scorpio 2018: October 23rd through November 21st.

One of the influences currently in the air.

Theme/Healing Song for Scorpio 2018

I Have A Dream by Abba.

View Song on Website, your Zodiac Sign Link.

We all have a Dream.

Do we acknowledge it?

Do we go after it?

Do we place time/energy towards that Dream?

Poverty Consciousness is something that needs to be addressed.

If this applies.

Our consciousness towards Money

dictates how much (or little) we have.

As my joke goes

Money isn't everything

but it certainly helps while we are on Planet Earth.

Much could be discussed about this topic

though for here it will just be mentioned

as something we should acknowledge

if it is causing a stumbling block

or resistance

towards accomplishing/achieving our Dream.

As the words of the Theme/Healing song suggest

with the proper Approach, much is possible:

I had a dream (our Personal Life/Soul Dream)

to help me cope with anything (surrounding interference).

If you see the wonder (open heart/mind)

of a Fairy Tale (fantasy exists even in the midst of reality)

you can take the future (accomplishment of our Dream)

even if we fail (our past mistakes/mishaps).

with One Foot in front of the other.

Taurus Full Moon: October 24th through November 22nd.

The other influence currently in the air.

Just when you Thought it was safe to go into the Water

(end Element Water/Summer Vibration October 23rd).

Even though things (emotions) are being stirred up

it actually is just the energetic kick in the pants needed.

For us to puruse our Life/Soul Path.

No biggie (insert smirk here).

Theme/Healing Song for Taurus Full Moon

One Foot by Walk The Moon.

View Song on Website, your Zodiac Sign Link.

With us taking one step at a time

putting One Foot in front of the other

we will continue to Move Forward

and accomplish much.

Even if it seems like we are taking baby steps.

Concept seems simple enough

though sometimes we get overwhelmed

and am up against internal resistance (Poverty Consciousness)

and it seems daunting to just Keep Moving Forward.

Enter Autumn.

With the Taurus Full Moon of October 24th 2018

the Autumn Vibration kicks in.

The most productive time of the year.

Whether Universally (as in this case)

or within our Personal Year Cycle.

So the energetic vacation is over.

Time to get down to work.

Time to make and bring home the Money.

So what does productive mean to us?

What are our goals?

What are our Dreams?

What steps are we taking towards them?

Time to Map out our game plan.

Time to get down to action.

The Shift is Real.

If you have watched my Videos

you are aware that we are in a significant time since

 Zodiac Year 2017: March 27th 2017 through April 14th 2018

(Video Link: View Zodiac Year 2017 Video on Website)

and currently

Zodiac Year 2018: April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019.

(Video Link: View Zodiac Year 2018 Video on Website)

This is due to the Feminie Energy coming into prominence

and ultimately to balance out the Male energy.

This will not happen overnight.

In face we have 14 years of transition as of March 27th 2017.

With any transition

there is upheaval.

We are seeing it on our Planet.

And we are recognizing it within as well.

For those on a Spiritual Path


working on themselves


in a conscious intentional active state of self-discovery

we are ahead of the game/curve.

Though it can be frustrating as we await for those around us to

get it or wake up.

1. This is a 14 year process

2. People will get it when they want to get it

Insert joke: The Nile (Denial) ain't just a river in Egypt.

Though as we do our work within

we assist those in our environment.

Even if kicking and screaming along the way (insert smirk)

I personally view the end of the world

December 21st 2012

(end as we know it energetically, obviously)

as the official beginning of The Age of Aquarius.

Therefore we are just about 6 years in.

Meaning we are dealing with those who have a Consciousness

of a 6 year old.

(no judgment)

An unevolved 6 year old.

Have to add that in due to the flux of Indigo Children that have been born in the recent years

(advanced Souls).

Though we have to remember that our Tribe

or who we hang out with

will dictate our Consciousness.

Help those who are willing to Help themselves

and leave our personal Tribe

to those we would not mind being stuck on a elevator with (insert smirk).

Libra New Moon.

Libra 2018: September 22nd through October 22nd.

Libra New Moon: October 8th through November 6th 2018.

(Video Link: View both Videos on Website)

As of April 15th 2018

everything has been building up to Libra 2018.

With the Libra New Moon being the grand entrance.


Welcome to the Future.

The Future is Now.

Welcome to what you can be.

You are already perfect, you just might not know it yet.

We are impractically perfect.

Just as we are supposed to be.

As we are all in a state of being thus continous growth/evolution.

Therefore in terms of a lifetime

we are energetically crossing the bridge

from predominantly coming from our ego/personality

(which does serve an important purpose)

to working more with our heart/soul.

Astrologically speaking

before and after our first Saturn Return

(approximately age 28 through 30).

Or if need be the second Saturn Return

(approximately age 57 through 59).

Or course time/energy has sped up

so the younger generation

(25 years old and younger)

those of them who are advanced souls

are significantly breaking energetic ground already.

Each generation is more advanced

so we all play our role in planetary growth/evolution.

Passing on the torch onwards.

As each Soul is born with the Consciousness of the times.

So this is an exciting time to be alive.

Even if challenging at times.

Life Purpose/Soul Mission.

As a result of the current times

being/living in a state of accelerated growth/evolution

for those of us on board

will be either wanting to know why they are here

or actively pursuing their Life Purpose.

For those who are Spiritual Family

Link: About Me

(go to above Link on Website & View Video "Spiritual Family: Introduction")

will either be figuring out if they are indeed one

or actively pursuing their Soul Mission.

Feel we all have a Soul Purpose

though those of us who want to actively Contribute this time around

have a Soul Mission.

As a result of the current times

I have begun filming more Videos on Global Consciousness.

Starting with 1/6 Manifesting Video Series:

How to Attract/Create/Manifest our Want/Desire?

Video 2/6 will be uploaded October 24th or shortly after.

(Video Link: View Manifesting Series on Website)

Libra 2018: September 22nd through October 22nd.

Libra is a Season changer.

Meaning it heralds in the Season of Autumn (States).

For the other side of the world, Spring.

As we change seasons, we shift gears.

Our mental state also undergoes a shift.

For some this is Conscious, most it is on a Subconscious level.

Aries Full Moon: September 24th 2018.

Energy influence: September 21st through October 23rd 2018.

Full Moon to Full Moon (Lunar Month).

This is significant due to the Zodiac Month of Libra 2018

being in influence of the Aries Full Moon.

This in itself is not uncommon

though due to the Season change

it is magnified in intensity.

Medium Tarot TV.

I produce a Video Subscription Service

that Assists us in being a Co-Creator with the Universe.

(Which we already are, but get sidetracked with Life.)

Daily Videos

discussing the Universal/Collective Energy

and how we can best utilize the Energy in our Lives/Paths.

System being simplified during October 2018.

For New Subscribers

will be working with our Daily Universal/Collective Energy Videos

and Introducing a New Service

Personal Day Energy Videos.

Either Universal/Collective or Personal

you are given Daily Insight and Inspiration

to start your day off being in Alignment with the Universe.

Then go forth

and make it the best life possible.

Or perhaps

live the life your Soul intended for you to live this lifetime

get busy ;-)

Visit Link on Website

Link: Medium Tarot TV

for Information,

Example Universal Day Energy Video Service:

Tuesday October 23rd 2018,

and to Subscribe.

NEW Rate.

Holy Shift.

What will we Do with the Knowledge/Wisdom


since Mercury has been Retrograde, July 26th?

(Planet Mercury represents our Conscious Mind.)

Leo 2018 (July 22nd through August 22nd)

was a Month of Change

even if we only saw that Change from WithIn us.

Now (Libra 2018: September 22nd through October 22nd)

for the second month in a row

are we willing to face our Inner Demons?

Are we willing to face what holds us back from our Desired Life/Path?

Even if that is our MindSet?

Time will tell...

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Spiritual Family: Introduction

Spiritual Family: Introduction.

For those who feel that they are here for a Reason with a Purpose. Utilizing our Soul (Heart) Energy and getting down to business as to what our Soul intended for us to do this lifetime.

Originally Filmed 2015 for a limited audience. Opening to the Public due to Zodiac Year 2018 because it is time for Spiritual Family Members to Activate their Soul Purpose/Mission.

Until next time we connect, your Soul Messenger Host, Edward ~

Assisting us all to Live/Love/Manifest the life our Soul intended for us to live this lifetime.

Thanks for joining us and hope you allow your personal process of accessing your Soul Purpose/Mission this lifetime.

Welcome fellow Spiritual Family Members.
Edward Ragosta
Psychic Medium

Cover Image: 
Galactic Consciousness by Alex Grey

Zodiac Year 2018: Apr 15 18 - Apr 4 19 ~ Dare to Dream ~

00:00 Introduction
00:45 March 27th 2017 through April 14th 2018: Zodiac Year 2017 Review
05:10 Month Energy Review
08:20 Psychic Insight/Theme Review
10:40 In Conclusion Review
11:25 April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019: Zodiac Year 2018
15:55 Month Energy
20:35 Psychic Insight/Theme
22:20 In Conclusion
24:30 Theme/Healing Song: From Now On
27:55 Overall Message: The Chariot
29:50 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: From Now On from The Greatest Showman