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Vol 4.17 eNewsletter Leo New Moon/Solar Eclipse August 11th 2018 - January 4th 2019.


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Eclipsing Into your Life/Path.

Leo New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Influence: August 11th 2018 through January 4th 2019.

Solar Eclipse to Solar Eclipse.

Psychic Insight/Theme = Creativity, Happiness.

Are we Allowing this Energy to Enter our Life/Path?

You would say, Edward, why would I not allow that in?

Well, perhaps from what happened to us in the past, Edward would say.

We unwittingly potentially become our own worst enemy.

By holding back exactly what we Say we want.

Our lips are moving but our energy within maybe withholding it from us.

Like waving it in then shoving it away when it gets too close.

We may be protecting ourselves from harm and also from the good at the same time without our conscious knowledge.

Notice the work "conscious"

Remember our Subconscious rules about 85% of us.

(Most likely closer to 90%)

This is an energy barrier that can be in influence throughout the year.

Though it is magnified when we have a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

We recently entered this increased intensity July 12th Zodiac Cancer Solar Eclipse.

Then July 27th Aquarius Lunar Eclipse.

Culminating for this Season August 11th Leo Solar Eclipse.

With so many Planets Retrograde, we are being lovingly forced to look WithIn.

During this energy slow-down, it is the perfect time to uncover

if we are actually in our own way of


what we truly Want/Desire (Zodiac Year 2018 Energy).

So I will ask again, What will we Allow into our Life/Path?

Have we made the energetic room for what we truly Want/Desire?

Time will tell.


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Spiritual Family: Introduction

Spiritual Family: Introduction.

For those who feel that they are here for a Reason with a Purpose. Utilizing our Soul (Heart) Energy and getting down to business as to what our Soul intended for us to do this lifetime.

Originally Filmed 2015 for a limited audience. Opening to the Public due to Zodiac Year 2018 because it is time for Spiritual Family Members to Activate their Soul Purpose/Mission.

Until next time we connect, your Soul Messenger Host, Edward ~

Assisting us all to Live/Love/Manifest the life our Soul intended for us to live this lifetime.

Thanks for joining us and hope you allow your personal process of accessing your Soul Purpose/Mission this lifetime.

Welcome fellow Spiritual Family Members.
Edward Ragosta
Psychic Medium

Cover Image: 
Galactic Consciousness by Alex Grey

Zodiac Year 2018: Apr 15 18 - Apr 4 19 ~ Dare to Dream ~

00:00 Introduction
00:45 March 27th 2017 through April 14th 2018: Zodiac Year 2017 Review
05:10 Month Energy Review
08:20 Psychic Insight/Theme Review
10:40 In Conclusion Review
11:25 April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019: Zodiac Year 2018
15:55 Month Energy
20:35 Psychic Insight/Theme
22:20 In Conclusion
24:30 Theme/Healing Song: From Now On
27:55 Overall Message: The Chariot
29:50 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: From Now On from The Greatest Showman