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These Videos are included here for easy reference:

Zodiac Year 2017 & Theme/Healing Song.

Zodiac Year 2018 & Theme/Healing Song.

Spiritual Family: Introduction.

Libra 2018 & Theme/Healing Song.

Aries Full Moon & Theme/Healing Song.

Libra New Moon & Theme/Healing Song.

Zodiac Year 2017 March 27 2017 - April 14th 2018 Gang of Rhythm (Souls Unite)

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Zodiac Year 2017
11:55 Month Energy Mar 27 - Apr 18 (Part 2/2 Aries 2017)
19:25 Week Energy Mar 27 - Apr 3
23:55 Day Energy Mar 27
24:55 BirthDay Mar 27
26:10 Aries New Moon Psychic Insight/Theme
28:35 Zodiac Year 2017 Theme/Healing Song
32:00 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: Gang of Rhythm (Music Video).

Theme/Healing Song: 3 Beetle Choose your own Adventure!

Zodiac Year 2018: Apr 15 18 - Apr 4 19 ~ Dare to Dream

00:00 Introduction
00:45 March 27th 2017 through April 14th 2018: Zodiac Year 2017 Review
05:10 Month Energy Review
08:20 Psychic Insight/Theme Review
10:40 In Conclusion Review
11:25 April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019: Zodiac Year 2018
15:55 Month Energy
20:35 Psychic Insight/Theme
22:20 In Conclusion
24:30 Theme/Healing Song: From Now On
27:55 Overall Message: The Chariot
29:50 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: From Now On from The Greatest Showman

Spiritual Family: Introduction

Spiritual Family: Introduction.

For those who feel that they are here for a Reason with a Purpose. Utilizing our Soul (Heart) Energy and getting down to business as to what our Soul intended for us to do this lifetime.

Originally Filmed 2015 for a limited audience. Opening to the Public due to Zodiac Year 2018 because it is time for Spiritual Family Members to Activate their Soul Purpose/Mission.

Until next time we connect, your Soul Messenger Host, Edward ~

Assisting us all to Live/Love/Manifest the life our Soul intended for us to live this lifetime.

Thanks for joining us and hope you allow your personal process of accessing your Soul Purpose/Mission this lifetime.

Welcome fellow Spiritual Family Members.
Edward Ragosta
Psychic Medium

Cover Image:
Galactic Consciousness by Alex Grey

All Signs Libra 2018 September 22nd - October 22nd: Sound of Silence.

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Zodiac Year Energy Review
05:15 Zodiac Month Energy
14:10 Week Energy
17:45 Libra Sun Signs Personal Year
20:40 Day Energy
24:00 Psychic Insight/Theme
29:50 Planet Mars
30:50 Theme/Healing Song
35:30 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: Sound of Silence.

All Signs Aries Full Moon September 24th - October 23rd 2018: Free to Roam.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Energy Review Zodiac Year 2018
04:50 Energy Review Month Libra 2018
11:50 Week Energy September 24th through 30th
15:30 Day Energy September 24th
18:50 Mars Energy Influence
19:35 Psychic Insight/Theme
22:35 Current Mars Activity
24:20 Theme/Healing Song
26:50 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: Free to Roam.

All Signs Libra New Moon October 8th - November 6th 2018: LOVE Somebody.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Zodiac Year 2018 Energy Review
04:20 Zodiac Month Libra 2018 Energy Review
09:40 Week Energy: October 8th through 15th
14:00 Day Energy: October 8th
17:35 Venus: Cancer/Aquarius/Scorpio
19:30 Psychic Insight/Theme
28:30 Theme/Healing Song
31:35 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: LOVE Somebody (Dance Video).

Project vLog Series Introduction

Project Earth.

Project Earth: Age of Aquarius TimeLine August 22 2016

Project Earth: Sensitive Times May 7 - July 12 2017 (For the Awakened Soul)

00:00 Introduction
02:25 Tsunami Energetic Wave/Psychic Insight
04:10 Full Moon Triggers
06:15 Collective Readings
06:40 Psychic Insight of Times continued
08:20 Planet Neptune Influence
10:35 Zodiac Year 2017: Heart Chakra
12:45 Collective Reading: Overview
17:15 Personal Overview Message: 10 Cups
18:00 Collective Reading: Advice
24:30 Personal Advice Message: Page Pentacles
25:05 Closing Words

Suggested Meditation

Magical Child Guided Meditation

Project Earth: Progress Report May 10 2017 (Co-Creators with Universe)

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Cover Image Significance
02:55 Paradigm Shift
03:50 Age of Aquarius
05:55 Psychic Reading
13:20 Personal Message: Knight Wands
14:20 Collective Message: Knight Wands
16:10 Edward's Message: Knight Wands
17:10 The Green Witch Tarot: Knight Wands
17:50 vLog, Ask Spirit, & Ask Walt Video Series
20:45 Closing Words

Theme/Healing Song: Accentuate the Positive by Oya

Project Earth: Progress Report June 9 2017 (Jupiter: Get Ready for Expansion)

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Planet Jupiter
01:30 Jupiter in Libra
04:30 Free Astrology Chart
05:20 Jupiter in the Houses
05:50 Jupiter in the 1st
07:05 1st House Message: Chariot
07:40 Jupiter in the 2nd
08:40 2nd House Message: Wheel of Fortune
09:00 Jupiter in the 3rd
10:00 3rd House Message: Fool
10:25 Jupiter in the 4th
11:50 4th House Message: 9 Swords
12:10 Jupiter in the 5th
12:55 5th House Message: 2 wands
13:15 Jupiter in the 6th
13:55 6th House Message: Knight Cups
14:10 Jupiter in the 7th
15:30 7th House Message: Chariot
15:55 Jupiter in the 8th
17:15 8th House Message: 4 Cups
17:30 Jupiter in the 9th
19:10 9th House Message: 9 Pentacles
19:30 Jupiter in the 10th
20:10 10th House Message: 10 Wands
20:25 Jupiter in the 11th
21:40 11th House Message: 3 Swords
21:55 Jupiter in the 12th
24:05 12 House Message: 4 Swords
24:20 Closing Words

Free Astrology Chart


How to Attract/Create/Manifest our Want/Desire? (Manifesting Video Series 1/6)


00:00 Introduction
00:50 Paradigm Shift & Age of Aquarius
03:00 Collective Consciousness
04:15 Readings for Four Elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth
05:50 Energy Influence: Wish - How do we Attract/Create/Manifest what we Want/Desire?
08:20 Reading for Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
19:40 Reading for Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
30:45 Reading for Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
40:40 Reading for Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
52:25 Theme/Healing Song
55:40 Closing

Check in Collective Soul Growth/Evolution Progress Report: Libra 2018 onward.

1/6 Manifesting Video Series.

Libra 2018: September 22nd through October 22nd. A significant time for our Soul Growth/Evolution this lifetime.

Moving forward on our Soul Path/Journey this lifetime, how do we Attract/Create/Manifest what we Want/Desire?

Readings for 12 Zodiac Signs. View your Sun, Moon, Ascendant/Rising Sign, + whatever else you resonate with.

Energy suggestions/Actions from this time period moving forward for our Soul Growth/Evolution and forward movement in our life/path ahead.

Feel the transition from April 15th 2018 (Beginning of Zodiac Year 2018) to Libra 2018 (September 22nd - October 22nd) was the first step of our Collective Conscious Evolution. Referred to as a comparison of working with our Personality/Ego Energy. During the Month of Libra 2018 was the actual transition. Referred to as a comparison of working with our Heart/Soul Energy. All in terms of our Collective Consciousness with Soul Growth/Evolution.

Theme/Healing Song: Maybe It's Time.

How to Attract/Create/Manifest our Want/Desire. (Manifesting Video Series 2/6)

00:00 Introduction
01:30 As Above so Below
03:10 Collective Energy Reading: As Above
08:55 Collective Energy Reading: so Below
15:15 Collective Energy Reading: All Souls
23:15 Closing


Collective Soul Growth/Evolution Progress: Libra 2018 onward.

2/6 Manifesting Video Series.

Inspired by the Energy of Libra 2018

September 16th through 23rd Week Energy of Wish:

How do we get what we Want?

How do we Manifest what we truly Want/Desire?


Are we working with Survival Issues


are we Attracting/Creating/Manifesting our Dream life?

Project Virgo

Project Virgo: August 22nd 2016 Update

Project Virgo: September 9th 2016 Update

Project Virgo: September 16th 2016 Update

Project Virgo: Progress Report May 10 2017 (Staying Open to Possibilities)

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Week May 17-24 2017
02:30 Planet Jupiter
04:50 Psychic Reading
10:00 Personal Message: Devil
10:50 Collective Message: Devil
12:15 Edward's Message: Devil
13:50 The Green Witch Tarot: Nature
14:55 Subscribe & Suggested Viewing Links
15:30 Closing

Theme/Healing Song: Home by Phillip Phillips

Project Virgo: Update June 9 2017 (Jupiter: Get Ready for Expansion)

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Planet Jupiter
01:55 Jupiter in Libra
04:10 Free Astrology Chart
04:40 Placidus System
06:30 Virgo Rising/Asc: Jupiter in 2nd House
08:20 Jupiter 2nd House Message: Wheel of Fortune
09:05 Jupiter 2nd House Collective Message
10:45 Jupiter 2nd House Edward's Message
12:15 Entrepreneur: Virgo Energy Version
15:20 Jupiter in Virgo
16:55 Jupiter in Virgo: Edward's Experience
18:00 Jupiter in First House
18:45 Virgo Sun Sign Message: Hermit
19:15 Virgo Sun Sign Collective Message
21:05 Virgo Moon Sign Message: 7 Swords
21:35 Virgo Moon Sign Collective Message
23:15 Closing Words

Free Astrology Chart


Suggested Guided Meditation

Opening the Chakras Meditation