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Money, Money.

Thoughts of Money/Health.

Energy Influence: January 13th through 20th 2019.

This week in the global consciousness it is all about Money and/or our Health.

Actually the two are energetically connected.

When our Financial Health is suffering

our Physical Wealth is close behind.


potentially leads to Stress

which potentiallyleads to Fear

which potentially leads to Anxiety.

Enough said.

There is much that can be said about this topic.

Though let us break it down simply.

Do you enjoy your Work/Job?

(Review Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse Forecast Video of January 5th 2019.)

View Link: Medium Taort TV

In essence, do you enjoy the way you make Money?

Do you know what your Dream Job is?

Do you believe you can achieve it?

Do you know the steps necessary to attain said Dream Job?

After you are Happy, then you can achieve making more Money.

Or the sufficient amount of Money for you personally.

Then there is the question of being Fulfilled.

Though if you had your Dream Job, perhaps you would be Happy

or dare I say even Fulfilled.

Reaching New Heights.

January 5th: Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse.

Energy Influence: January 5th through April 4th 2019.

Every New Moon

is a time of ReNewal.

For us energetically

like pushing the reset button

for yet another Lunar Month.

Though this is a Partial Solar Eclipse

so the influence this time around

concludes the Zodiac Year 2018.

Thus applying we get a unique chance/opportunity

to make the necessary changes/adjustments

in our lives/paths

before we reboot April 5th 2019

when we begin a New Zodiac Year

with that upcoming Aries New Moon.

Sense of Security WithIn.

The Psychic Insight/Theme for this Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse:

Sense of Security Within.

[Sense of Security WithIn = Self: Love/Worth/Esteem/Confidence.}

Therefore this is a perfect time

to ReInvent ourselves


ReWrite our Story.

The Story that we tell ourself

of why our life/path

currently is not to our liking.

Are we in our own way?

Do we have the proper belief system to support our vision?

Are we using our past as an excuse?

Are we excited for the future?

Are we ready to take on a New Calendar Year?

All valid questions/points

to ask yourself at this time for our lives/paths.

View Forecast Videos on Link Medium Tarot TV on this Website:

"All Signs: Year & Month Energy Review Influence through April 4th 2019"


"All Signs: Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse January 5th - April 4th 2019"

Is Everybody Happy?

Capricorn 2019: December 21st 2018 through January 19th 2019.

Sun enters the Astrological Sign of Capricorn: December 21st.

First official day of Winter/Summer.

Day Energy: Happy Union.

Energy suggests a Union of Three or more people.

Like-minded individuals.

Joyous gatherings.

Sharing a cup of cheer.

View Forecast Video on your Zodiac Sign Link on this Website:

"All Signs Capricorn 2019: December 21st 2018 - January 20th 2019"


Zodiac Cancer Full Moon: December 22nd 2018.

Energy Influence: December 22nd 2018 through January 20th 2019.

Full Moon Psychic Insight/Theme: Want/Desire.

Part of the same energy as the Universal Zodiac Year 2018.

Which Activates/Empowers/Triggers the other energy of Karma.

[Zodiac Year 2018: April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019]

We have been collectively working on this issue since April 15th 2018.

What have we learned about what we Want/Desire?

What have we learned about what makes us Happy?

Do we believe we are Co-Creators with the Universe

so we can Create/Attract/Manifest our true Want/Desire?

Whether that be Money, Love, or anything else we Want/Desire.

These are the Questions to ask ourselves as we end the calendar year of 2018

and as we approach/embrace the new calendar year of 2019.

View Both Forecast Videos on your Zodiac Sign Link on this Website:

"Zodiac Year 2018: Apr 15 18 - Apr 4 19 ~ Dare to Dream ~"


"All Signs Cancer Full Moon Dec 22 2018 - Jan 20 2019: If I Can't Love Her"

I Think therefore I Am.

Or therefore I become.

What sets the successful people

apart from the unsuccessful

(success is a relative term, but think in terms of Love and/or Money)

is their MindSet.

This will be determined by our Sense of Security WithIn.

(Self: Worth/Love/Esteem/Confidence.)

Are we busy with Survival issues


truly busy with Manifesting/Creating/Attracting?

No judgment

though that will make the difference

between having the want/desire

and having it actually exist in our lives.

(Winner is not based on how much we have/possess

but on allowing ourselves to receive

what we truly want/desire.)

In other words

getting out of our own way.

Which brings us back to our Mind/Thinking process

and our belief system

of what we Think is actually possible.

Reflection Room.

During Meditation

I was guided by Spirit to have a Link on this Website

where one could go for their Private Zen Zone.

Where you can chill, relax, and unwind.

Subscribers to the Video Service have their own Link as well.

Link: Reflection Room.

The Shift is Real.

If you have watched my Videos

you are aware that we are in a significant time since

 Zodiac Year 2017: March 27th 2017 through April 14th 2018

(Video Link: View Zodiac Year 2017 Video on Website)

and currently

Zodiac Year 2018: April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019.

(Video Link: View Zodiac Year 2018 Video on Website)

This is due to the Feminie Energy coming into prominence

and ultimately to balance out the Male energy.

This will not happen overnight.

In face we have 14 years of transition as of March 27th 2017.

With any transition

there is upheaval.

We are seeing it on our Planet.

And we are recognizing it within as well.

For those on a Spiritual Path


working on themselves


in a conscious intentional active state of self-discovery

we are ahead of the game/curve.

Though it can be frustrating as we await for those around us to

get it or wake up.

1. This is a 14 year process

2. People will get it when they want to get it

Insert joke: The Nile (Denial) ain't just a river in Egypt.

Though as we do our work within

we assist those in our environment.

Even if kicking and screaming along the way (insert smirk)

I personally view the end of the world

December 21st 2012

(end as we know it energetically, obviously)

as the official beginning of The Age of Aquarius.

Therefore we are just about 6 years in.

Meaning we are dealing with those who have a Consciousness

of a 6 year old.

(no judgment)

An unevolved 6 year old.

Have to add that in due to the flux of Indigo Children that have been born in the recent years

(advanced Souls).

Though we have to remember that our Tribe

or who we hang out with

will dictate our Consciousness.

Help those who are willing to Help themselves

and leave our personal Tribe

to those we would not mind being stuck on a elevator with (insert smirk).

Life Purpose/Soul Mission.

As a result of the current times

being/living in a state of accelerated growth/evolution

for those of us on board

will be either wanting to know why they are here

or actively pursuing their Life Purpose.

For those who are Spiritual Family

Link: About Me

(go to above Link on Website & View Video "Spiritual Family: Introduction")

will either be figuring out if they are indeed one

or actively pursuing their Soul Mission.

Feel we all have a Soul Purpose

though those of us who want to actively Contribute this time around

have a Soul Mission.

As a result of the current times

I have begun filming more Videos on Global Consciousness.

Starting with 1/6 Manifesting Video Series:

How to Attract/Create/Manifest our Want/Desire?

Video 2/6 uploaded.

(Video Link: View Manifesting Series on Website)

Medium Tarot TV.

Video Subscription Service

that Assists us in being a Co-Creator with the Universe.

(Which we already are, but get sidetracked with Life.)

Daily Videos

discussing the Universal/Collective Energy

and how we can best utilize the Energy in our Lives/Paths.

Working with our Daily Universal/Collective Energy Videos


Personal Day Energy Video Service.

Exclusive Videos for Subscribers of Universal Day Energy Video Service:

Starting w/ Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse of January 5th 2019.

Either Universal/Collective or Personal

you are given Daily Insight and Inspiration

to start your day off being in Alignment with the Universe.

Then go forth

and make it the best life possible.

Or perhaps

live the life your Soul intended for you to live this lifetime

get busy ;-)

Visit Link on Website

Link: Medium Tarot TV

for Information,

Example Universal Day Energy Video Service:

Thursday January 17th 2019,

and to Subscribe.

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* Zodiac Year 2018: April 15th 2018 through April 4th 2019 Dare to Dream.

* Aquarius Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse (July 27th 2018 through January 20th 2019) Energy Forecast Main Video and your Zodiac Sign Lunar Eclipse Report Videos.

* Capricorn 2019: December 21st 2018 through January 20th 2019.

* Zodiac Cancer Full Moon: December 22nd 2018 through January 20th 2019: If I Can't Love Her.

* All Signs: Year & Month Energy Review Influence through April 4th 2019.

* All Signs: Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse January 5th - April 4th 2019.

* Universal Day Energy Video Service: Thursday January 17th 2019. Go to Link Medium Tarot TV for Video.

* How to Attract/Create/Manifest our Want/Desire. (Manifesting Video Series 2/6) Go to Link Project vLog for this Video & 1/6 of Video Series.

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