Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are available via Online Skype Sessions and Telephone Sessions.

Readings available:

15 Minutes = $45.00

30 Minutes = $75.00 eNewsletter ($90.00 non-Members)

45 Minutes = $120.00 eNewsletter ($135.00 non-Members)

1 Hour = $150.00 eNewsletter ($180.00 non-Members)

Payment is required to secure Appointment.

Contact me with the length of Reading desired.

You will be sent an Invoice or Link from PayPal.

After Payment is Received, your Reading will be arranged.

I will request you current location for Time Zone.

If you prefer, I can Record a Reading for you and send you the Video.

Or Record a Reading for you and post on YouTube as a Private Video.

Though live Readings are always the best option whenver possible.

All Readings are Recorded for your Future Reference.

Audio Recording (MP3 Format) for Telephone Sessions.

Video (Formatted for your device) and Audio Recordings (MP3 Format) for Skype Sessions.

Reading will be sent to you via email.

Readings include a Guided Meditation.

If it is not suggested during your Reading, you may request a Meditation that would serve you best at the time.

Meditation sent to you via email.

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On designated Videos, Receiving a Mini Channeled Message as to what the Tarot Card Energy represents for you.

Plus you will be kept up to date with what is going on with Edward and what Spirit would like to relay to us collectively.

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Hearing our Soul's Calling.

Summer Solstice/Sun enters Zodiac Cancer.

June 21st 2018.

Zodiac Cancer 2018: June 21st through July 21st.

Summer 2018: June 21st through September 21st.

First official day of Summer in the States.

Winter on the other side of the Globe.

Change of Seasons

heralds Shift of Energies.

And this Month (Cancer 2018) packs a wallop of Possibilities.

If we have the Courage to

Hear the Call or Calling of our Soul (Heart).

And then of course we

get busy (wink).

Suggested Viewing (utilizing Timestamp included):

View your Zodiac Sign Link for Videos:

(Sun/Moon/Rising-Ascendant/or whatever Sign you are drawn to View)

*Energy Forecast for Cancer 2018 (June 21st through July 21st) in the Main Video and in your Zodiac Sign Video for June 2018

*Capricorn Full Moon Energy Forecast (June 25th through July 1st) in the Main Video and in your Zodiac Sign Video for June 2018

View Link "Subscription Videos" for Videos (Medium Tarot TV Video Subscription Service. View Link "Medium Tarot TV" to Subscribe):

*Daily and Weekend Energy Videos

*All Signs Week Energy: June 20 - 27

*All Signs Zodiac Month Cancer 2018: June 21 - July 21

*Pick a Number/Element/Tarot Card: MidSummer's Night Dream

Stay Inspired, Edward ~

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