Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are available via Online Skype Sessions and Telephone Sessions.

Readings are available:

15 Minutes = $45.00

30 Minutes = $60.00 eNewsletter ($90.00 otherwise)

45 Minutes = $90.00 eNewsletter ($135.00 otherwise)

1 Hour = $120.00 eNewsletter ($180.00 otherwise)

Each Zodiac Month there is a Special Member Discount for the current Sun Sign. 1 Hour = $90.00 eNewsletter

Payment is required to secure Appointment.

If you are Subscribed to our eNewsletter, you will receive a Member Discount.

Contact me with the length of Reading desired.

You will be sent an Invoice or Link from PayPal.

After Payment is Received, your Reading will be arranged.

I will request you current location for Time Zone.

If you prefer, I can Record a Reading for you and send you the Video.

Though live Readings are always the best option.

All Readings are Recorded for your Future Reference.

Audio Recording (MP3 Format) for Telephone Sessions.

Video (Formatted for your device) and Audio Recordings (MP3 Format) for Skype Sessions.

Reading will be sent to you via email.

Readings include a Guided Meditation.

If it is not suggested during your Reading, you may request a Meditation that would serve you best at the time.

Meditation sent to you via email.

Volume 3.17 eNewsletter

Once Upon a Blue Moon Subscriber Sale.

We are not More because we can break through barriers.

We are More because no matter how many times we fall we find the strength to get back up again.

It is not what we are capable of when we are standing that is important, but what we choose to do after we get knocked down that is what makes us More.

Be Marvelous.

Be More.

Once Upon a Blue Moon Sale: Psychic Telephone Readings & Skype Video Sessions March 1st through 31st 2018.

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In Love/Light and Truth, May we all Follow our Destiny - Edward, your Soul Messenger Host.

Once Upon a Blue Moon Subscriber Sale:

March 1st through 31st 2018.

Sale Readings to be paid by March 31st and completed by April 30th 2018.

Psychic Telephone Readings Recorded for your Future Reference:

$60.00 for Hour Session.

(normally $120.00/$180.00)

$45.00 for 45 Minute Session.

(normally $90.00/$135.00)

$30.00 for 30 Minute Session.

(normally $60.00/$90.00)

Skype Video Sessions Recorded for your Future Reference Including a Guided Meditation:

$90.00 for an Hour Session

(normally $120.00 for members)

(normally $180.00 for non-members)

$60.00 for 30 Minute Session

(normally $90.00 for non-members)

$45.00 for 15 Minute Session

* Subscriber New Moon Contest: Every New Moon a Winner is chosen to receive a Free Reading or $45.00 Credit towards a Reading/Service.

* Subscriber Frequent Flyer Program Rewards/Credits for Referring.

* Subscriber Perk: Comment on the Collective/Universal Message what you think/feel the Message relates to you/your life, and I will respond with a mini Channeled Message from Spirit.

* Pisces & Aries Sun Sign Special Member Rate.

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